The Inimeg™ pretreatment

A small but great wastewater treatment system

For whom

Inimeg™ makes raw wastewater ready for separation. Separation can be performed by membrane filtration, a press or standard flotation or sedimentation units. 

Hydraulic capacity ranges from 5 to 50 m3/hr per module.


2 Treatment phases are used whereby each phase is followed by a separation step. 

Based on the wastewater type an optimal configuration is chosen:

  • Inimeg™ phase 1 Flotation Sedimentation Press Membrane
  • Inimeg™ phase 2 Flotation Sedimentation Press Membrane

When a DAF unit is already present, this unit can be used, generally as a separation method for phase 1.


  • Capacity: 5.000 – 50.000 Liter per hour (hydraulic capacity)
  • Power input: 380 V
  • Transport to your site
  • Installation guidance