The Inimeg™ for smaller flows

Our small but great wastewater treatment system

For whom

Small industries
All others with 1-3 m3/hr of wastewater.


The standard system uses 2 treatment phases and after each phase a separation solution is chosen, based on your current wastewater type. Configurations are:

  • Inimeg™ FF 5: Flotation Flotation
  • Inimeg™ SS 5: Sedimentation Sedimentation

If you currently have a DAF unit, this unit can be used for one phase. An additional one is supplied.


  • Capacity: 5000 Liter per hour (hydraulic capacity)
  • Power input: 380 V
  • Transport to your site
  • Installation guidance 


  • Sludge dewatering: Belt press at an attractive price-quality level. A belt press is a proven and reliable dewatering solution  to obtain a high dry matter content sludge or cake. For streams with high dry matter content a pressing phase might even be the most suitable primary treatment. Thin fraction from pressing is processed with the Inimeg™ system.
  • Membrane filtration: Ultrafiltration & Reversed Osmosis skid.
  • Spare parts kit: spare pump, pump spares.