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 Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment 

New technologies providing high quality effluent at low costs

Solutions For You
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Municipal Food & Beverage Industrial Hotel & Maritime Hospital Agriculture
Whether you're a slaughterhouse, municipality or hospital, PureWaterWell's wastewater
treatment systems will save you on required space, investment and costs. 
At the same time effluent quality will be improved using our technologies:
superflotation N Trick hydroincinerator turbofilter

Our innovative
using pressure, thorough 
mixing and electrocharge, 
resulting in
clear water
and some

Our improved
application of
an old 'trick'
to reduce nitrogen levels, using an 
'old fashioned' biological process

Our advanced
system to
effectively oxidise
and desinfect
water pollutants, using UV and specific radicals
A polishing step using a 5 micron filter 
For both new or replacement wastewater treatment systems,
our clients clearly benefit from:


Low investment 


Low operational costs 


High quality


Small ecological footprint


Small physical footprint


Decentral or local processing


With algae




Containerized & modular

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  • sustainable water algae

    PureWaterWell 0.5 micron TurboFilter
  • Example: site for a PureWaterWell wastewater treatment plant, for a village of 10.000 inhabitants.
    From left to right: clean water buffer, wastewater buffer, PWWCIRCULAR 50 with decanter on top, sludge buffer.

  • PureWaterWell

  • PureWaterWell cooperates with the leading Algae experts for
    optimal sustainable algae water treatment.
    Here you see a flotation testunit at ACRRES.
    Algae farming and sustainable water treatment.
    To see this video (in DUTCH) click on it.
    Published 8 sep. 2015 RTL7 "Doe maar duurzaam"

  • The PureWaterWell TurboFilter requires very little maintenance and is self-cleaning.

Our Systems  

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PureWaterWell Wastewater Treatment Systems
Basic  -  effluent for irrigation
Food&Fuel  - using an algae reactor to polish effluent
Circular  -  effluent ready for reuse as drinkable water
Star  -  for digestate or manure influent and irrigation effluent
All systems have standard capacities of 5, 10, 25 and 50 m3/hr. 
The smaller systems are supplied in a 20' container, larger systems in a 40' container.
PureWaterWell does not supply additional items like fencing, buffers for sludge and water, etc.
We do provide dewatering systems to complement our products.
    Colberge polymer units  colberge1
Polymer makeup units of great quality and true value for money.
PureWaterWell has selected Colberge polymer units for her systems, 
for handling both liquid and/or solid polymers. 
Cheap polymer mixing units: please ask us for prices.
We are Colberge partner for the Benelux, France, Germany region.

Polymer & resin suppliers: please request a quote here
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PureWaterWell is working with partners Wageningen University, ACRRES, AF&F.
We are part of a consortium 'Valorisation of nutrient rich wastewater with algae'
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