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An ElectroChemical Separation Pretreatment

A game-changer for municipal
and industrial wastewater treatment
It makes water reuse viable.


A valuable addition to your system

1. Use it to increase pollution reduction rates
2. Then separate with any standard solution
3. Process the effluent with membrane filtration MF/NF/RO
4. Reduce your TCO
5. Reuse water

FFS™ is based on using electrical and chemical force fields to produce a  highly reactive liquid for intense coagulation, flocculation and oxidation.

FFS has extremely high pollution reduction rates. It produces a strong flock that is easy to separate and to dewater to high dry matter content, reducing costs significantly. 

FFS systems can pretreat difficult streams such as leather tannery wastewater, textile dyeing plants, manures, galvanizing effluent, etc. 

FFS effluent produces very little membrane biofouling, giving you high flux and very few membrane cleaning cycles (CIP). 

FFS has a small footprint.



Typically 10 m³/hr tannery wastewater is treated with 1 FFS system module. 

A tannery wastewater configuration can be: FFS + cloth filter + chamber filter press + MF/RO filtration.

F & B

Slaughterhouses, breweries, distilleries, etc. use a lot of water, often from their own well. Due to water scarcity, water reuse will have to replace the well. FFS results in reusable water at affordable costs.

A slaughterhouse wastewater configuration can be: FFS + DAF + belt press + NF/RO filtration.

Every DAF

Thousands of DAF units are now active to treat industrial wastewater. FFS increases efficacy of DAF separation and sludge processing. The efficacy of RO filtration increased. Water reuse has become a viable option.  


FFS is tested to remove medicin particles, viruses, etc. at the hospital to prevent them flowing into the sewage infrastructure. 


Wastewater from galvanizing plants is almost impossible to treat with biological systems. FFS can process most chemically polluted streams very well. 


FFS is tested to process the Reverse Osmosis brine, the filtered particles that normally must be disposed of at high costs.

Extensively Tested


Our goal is to contribute to progress and create disruptive solutions for global issues, such as water scarcity.

As an ‘innovation architect’ it is our strategy to cooperate with experts in the fields of manufacturing, sales and service.

Our developments are IP secured or patented. 

PureWaterWell focusses on R&D. We have a network of professional manufacturing partners. Integrators will select the best possible combination for YOUR wastewater solution and treatment steps. 


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