Setting New Standards In Wastewater Technology

For improved municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and to make water reuse possible, we have developed FFS ForceFieldSeparation™

FFS is a Separation Pretreatment

The FFS treatment step is the missing link for better and easier wastewater treatment and water reuse. FFS processes wastewater into ultra clear liquid and strong flock. After separation with known techniques such as flotation, decanter, press, etc. FFS effluent is higly suitable for membrane filtration, resulting in reusable water. Skip biological treatment. And with the sludge easily pressed to higher Ds content it offers you savings on all fronts.

ForceFieldSeparation™ is suitable for:

Leather Tanneries
Municipal plants

Water Reuse
Small Footprint
Easy to manage

Small FFS for calf manure

FFS ForceFieldSeparation™ is a patented process that uses specific chemical and physical charges to create force fields that significantly reduce COD, BOD, P and N(kj). It does not use any bacteria and thus overcomes the known issues of biological plants. 

After separation of thick and thin fraction, you now have significant lower discharge costs. Or use readily available membrane technology to reuse your water.

We work with reputable partners to ensure high quality and service of your project.

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FFS significantly reduces COD, BOD, P and N(kj) so that a 'biology' such as MBR or MBBR, has become obsolete.

Example A.

For 1-5 m³/hr industrial wastewater. Combine it with your DAF unit.

Complete it with a Belt Press and Membrane Filtration System (NF/RO) to reuse water.

Example B.

For 5-15 m³/hr industrial wastewater (or 1 m³/hr agricultural wastewater). 

Combine it with DAF, Belt Press and RO to have reusable water.

Example C.

For 70 m³/hr slaughterhouse wastewater, 4 high capacity FFS ForceFieldSeparation™ units are used.

Combine it with DAF, Belt Press and RO to get reusable water.

The FFS ForceFieldSeparation™ product range is suitable for almost all industrial, municipal and agricultural waste streams. 

Each type of wastewater will have an optimal configuration. Whichever setup you use, FFS will reduce OpEx. Money well spent.

Depending on the required capacity one or more FFS modules are used. High capacity solutions for municipal wastewater treatment can be offered as well.



Extensively Tested

The ForceFieldSeparation™ process can pretreat even the most difficult streams such as leather tannery wastewater, textile dyeing plants, manures, etc. 

The FFS effluent restricts membrane biofouling, thus results in high flux and very few membrane cleaning cycles (CIP). 

The thick fraction is very well pressable to high dry matter content. This will save you costs.


Our goal is to contribute to progress and create disruptive solutions for global issues, such as water scarcity.

As an ‘innovation architect’ it is our strategy to cooperate with experts in the fields of manufacturing, sales and service.

Our developments are IP secured or patented. 

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