Innovative Wastewater Technologies

Since 2015 active in industrial and agricultural 
wastewater treatment systems
based on novel technologies such as:

An ElectroChemical Separation Pretreatment 
that reduces wastewater pollution levels
considerably more than current solutions


An innovation for water reuse

  • An electrochemical process – very different from electrocoagulation – that has small footprint and great TCO

  • Based on using specific additives to oxidize and intensify coagulation and flocculation so that pollution levels are significantly reduced, even so that extremely difficult streams of tanneries and chemical plants can be treated effectively

  • For subsequent separation just combine it with any existing separation solution – DAF, drumfilter, etc. – effectively, as floc is strong

  • The effluent can – in most cases – be directly entered into membrane filtration NF/RO to give reusable water efficiently 


  • Water scarcity is a truely urgent global issue.

  • Our goal is to contribute to solving this problem and help getting disruptive solutions out there.

  • Over the years PureWaterWell has developed a large network of professional experts, from researchers to manufacturers of professional solutions and international integrators, in several industrial sectors such as wastewater and energy.

  • Our strategy is to remain small and agile and to cooperate with experts in the fields of development, manufacturing, sales and service and succeed as a team.

  • We are not limited to wastewater only and keep an open mind to be active in other fields as well.

  • The new technologies we work with are IP secured, patented or being patented. For the sake of confidentiality and IP protection we unfortunately can not disclose all information here.

    Solutions we work with – for any field of application – must contribute to a more sustainable and circular world and have true impact.

Innovative Sludge Dewatering to very high dry solid content

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Circular solutions

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Wastewater Treatment 2.0

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During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021 

our company has been restructured.