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 Wastewater Treatment for Industry, Agriculture and Cities 

New technologies providing high quality effluent at low costs

Innovative Solutions For Water Reuse
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Municipal Food & Beverage Industrial Hotel & Maritime Hospital Agriculture
Whether you're a slaughterhouse, municipality or hospital, PureWaterWell's wastewater
treatment systems will save you on required space, investment and costs. 
At the same time effluent quality will be improved using our technologies:
Gemini™ Castor™ Pollux™

A super effective treatment system for all kinds of wastewater using our patented technology producing high quality effluent

 Elimination of remaining micro particles and health-hazardous 'endocrine disruptive chemicals' using UV light and specific radicals

Standard  RO membrane filtration made more efficient to result in a high percentage of super clean water
For both new or refit wastewater treatment systems,
our clients clearly benefit from:


Low investment 


Low operational costs 


High quality


Small ecological footprint


Small physical footprint


Decentral or local processing


On/Off in all weather conditions




Modular and scalable

  • PWWsite04
  • sustainable water algae

    Gemini rend
  • Example: Municipal wastewater treatment plant for a village of 10.000 inhabitants.
    From left to right: clean water buffer, wastewater buffer, Gemini and Castor with sludge dewatering system (on top), sludge buffer.

  • PureWaterWell flotation testunit at ACRRES. for an algae farming project. To see this video (in DUTCH) click on it.
    Published 8 sep. 2015 RTL7 "Doe maar duurzaam"

  • The PureWaterWell Gemini™ solution processing 1-5 m3/hour with added modules of Castor and Pollux.

Our Systems  

Gemini water systemCastor water systemPollux water system

PureWaterWell Wastewater Treatment Systems
Unique  -  our processes are purely physical-chemical and can replace biological treatments
Scalable  -  1-5 m3/hour systems for hotels, ships, smaller industries, 15m3/hour and 35m3/hour for larger industries
Choice  -  any effluent quality that you require - discharge, irrigation, reuse or drinkable water 
Municipal  -  decentral water treatment regardless of scale and climate conditions  
Great TCO  -  total cost of ownership is considerably lower than traditional biological systems
Jabba  -  based on our solution we have developed a concept for manure processing

The smaller systems are supplied as a product, optionally as containerized units.
In addition to wastewater treatment systems PureWaterWell supplies higly efficient dewatering solutions. 
The PureWaterWell process is patented technology.
Standard filtration membranes are 
added to produce reusable water most efficiently.
Our systems do not use any bacteria.
Wastewater treatment 2.0


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